Myisha Arellano is a muralist, educator, digital and scenic painter based in Los Angeles, CA. Since 2010 she has designed, painted, and led multiple private and public murals. Myisha’s approach to public art is rooted in community engagement leading her to collaborate with various organizations and non-profits across Los Angeles.

In addition to designing and painting representational public art, Myisha’s technical abilities range from conservation to aging techniques. She has participated in the conservation and restoration of over 20 landmark murals across L.A. through SPARC’s innovative conservation efforts. As a scenic painter, she uses aging and deterioration creatively as elements of storytelling.

Her experience as a migrant from Mexico City raised in California, has resulted in a painting style not too easily defined. Her studio work depicts images of nature alongside political themes, portraits, and reimagined sites resulting in a view of an alternate reality form.

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